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Tree Removal

Tree Removal Sydney

At SCMTS Arbor Works we have a full range of equipment to remove any tree big or small and use a variety of methods such as cranes, cherry pickers and lowering the tree down in sections using ropes. Tree removal (or tree lopping) requires a professional team of people including a qualified arborist.  A tree requiring removal is carefully planned and usually done in sections from the top down.  The final piece to be removed is the tree stump. If you are contemplating removing a tree, always call an expert.  Expert tree removal professionals remove trees day in and day out and know all the tools, tips and tricks to remove trees quickly and efficiently.  If you thought about removing that ‘little’ tree yourself, please… it’s just not worth it.  There are just too many dangers involved such as falling out of a tree and getting seriously injured. We have the experience and knowledge to cater for any removal no matter how difficult.

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Thinning & Pruning

Thinning & Pruning Sydney

Pruning is the most common maintenance procedure and must be done with an understanding of how trees respond, as improper pruning can increase damage to the tree resulting in further pruning or removal. Pruning needs to be carried out when branches have become dangerous due to storm damage. Branches that overhang houses and obstruct power lines and pathways also need to be pruned before they become hazardous. Thinning of branches can also be carried out to allow more light into the garden. SCMTS Arbor Works can provide you with advice on how this should be done and have the experience and knowledge to provide you with a quality pruning service.

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Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding Sydney

A stump grinder is a power tool that removes tree stumps by means of a rotating cutting disk that chips or ‘grinds’ away the wood. We can remove stumps of any size to provide an aesthetically pleasing result and to stop the growth of fungus or other decay matter. Stump grinding is usually required if you want to concrete or pave over the area, replant over it and to also remove the unsightly stump from the tree for a more aethestically pleasing result. SCMTS Arbor Works has access to a range of stump grinders to suit the needs of any job.

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Arborist Reports

Arborist Reports Sydney

A professional tree inspection may be required before pruning or removing a tree. We can help with a formally assessed Arborist Report to submit to Council to help both private and commercial clients.

An Arborist Report is a tree risk analysis that assesses the health of individual trees. It also provides a recommendation for work required to ensure safety and overall health to the tree. The tree is inspected and the report is written by a qualified Arborist ready to submit to the relevant parties.

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Land Clearing

Land Clearing Sydney

We have a wide range of experience providing service in this field for developers and building contractors as well as private home owners. We meet and exceed customers expectations by providing an efficient clearing service and leave the site clean and tidy ready for development. Chipper hire is charged at a daily or hourly rate. We have a range of chippers available for any size job. Give us a call and we can discuss the options to suit any situation.

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Mulching/Chipping Sydney

SCMTS Arbor Works is equipped with a range of Vermeer chippers which allows us to handle any size job. We chip on site using our machine and depending on your needs we can recycle back into your garden or remove off the property. We pride ourselves on leaving the job neat and tidy and have the equipment to get the job done.

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“I chose SCMTS based on google reviews and their competitive price. These guys were fantastic. They arrive on time, did a great job really quickly, and did a good tidy up. They provided some good advice on-site also. I would highly recommend this company for tree work. They had the experts and proper equipment for an efficient and fast job.”