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A stump grinder is a power tool that removes tree stumps by means of a rotating cutting disk that chips or ‘grinds’ away the wood. We can remove stumps of any size to provide an aesthetically pleasing result and to stop the growth of fungus or other decay matter. Stump grinding is usually required if you want to concrete or pave over the area, replant over it and to also remove the unsightly stump from the tree for a more aethestically pleasing result. SCMTS Arbor Works has access to a range of stump grinders to suit the needs of any job.

No the stump does not need to be grinded however we will only be able to cut the stump as low as is possible taking into account surrounding objects or garden beds etc.

Stump grinding does incur an additional charge and comes down to personal preference and what the future plans are for the location.

No, once it is grinded it will not grow back

We leave stump grinding shavings on site and use them to level out the ground. We can spread them over your garden and and leave the site nice and tidy. We can take the shavings off site but this requires an additional charge as it is quite labour intensive so it is a better option to use it as garden cover.

“I chose SCMTS based on google reviews and their competitive price. These guys were fantastic. They arrive on time, did a great job really quickly, and did a good tidy up. They provided some good advice on-site also. I would highly recommend this company for tree work. They had the experts and proper equipment for an efficient and fast job.”
tree removal machines|tree removal sydney| scmts


tree removal machines|tree removal sydney| scmts

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Sophia Kusznirczuk
Got the job done quickly for a reasonable price. Communicated well and cleaned up after themselves.
Jeff Wyatt
I am so happy I called Sydney City Mulch & Tree Service Landworks! They worked me into the schedule when they had an opening, weeks ahead of when I thought my project would be done. They took care of huge piles of large dead trees and underbrush that were left in my yard from the previous owner. It was mulched up and nothing had to be hauled away. I would recommend them to anyone in Sydney that needs clearing, and for any size job. I thank them so much for their prompt and skilled service
Christina D'Albora
Zac was recommended to me and when I contacted him, he didn’t hesitate in donating a load of wood chip for our community garden. He was very efficient and professional. Thank you again Zac for helping make our community greener. Christina
Damian Thornley
Professional operators. Left our property impeccably cleaned after the tree work. Attention to detail and conducting the works exactly as we specified. I would highly recommend Zach and his team. Regards, Damian.
Elijah Charlotte
Couldn’t recommend these guys enough, they came and removed a tree and a few stumps for us. Not only were they professional but both were very nice guys and easy to get on with! They went above and beyond our expectations, can’t believe how tidy they left everything. Definitely the best tree services in Sydney.
Albart Jeyo
The team at Sydney City Mulch & Tree Service was very professional from the initial phone call through installation. Their work was very well done and the price was good. We are very pleased with the end result; picture-perfect. I'd recommend contacting them and will do so for my future needs
Linda Schulmalski
These people are the best! Sandy is such a delight! Fast, helpful, generous, and kind. They were lifesavers when a storm ruined my 5k event trail days before the race. They delivered quality wood chips quickly!
Jose Barnes
We have hired Sydney City Mulch & Tree Service several times for tree and stump removal and they are just great! Fast, reasonably priced, and super careful of my plants!
Sean Roberts
Scott Davis
Zac and the team are fantastic. Marcus was on site manager for my job and he was superb. Quick, tidy, polite and excellent finished product. Highly recommended.