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Reliable Tree Services in Sydney for Home Owners

SCMTS Arbor Works have over 15 years of experience in private work for homeowners and landlords in the Sydney area. We’ve developed a comprehensive understanding of the local environment, able to access difficult to reach areas and complete dangerous jobs safely and efficiently.

When you give us a call, you’ll be able to speak to a qualified, experienced arborist. They’ll then come out to your property and inspect the site while providing recommendations on the best course of action. SCMTS Arbor Works are committed to working with all of our clients to provide budget friendly options that don’t sacrifice on quality or efficiency. We’ll listen to your concerns and work out the best solution for everybody involved.

Fallen Tree on Property

Thousands of trees fall onto Australian homes every year. While most of the time it’s storm related, it’s not always the case. Some falls can occur simply because of considerable wear of the tree’s roots over time. Our trees anchor themselves into the ground with a large root system. A well established tree will usually have a root network twice as wide as its canopy, providing adequate support for the structure. When winds start to hit it, however, this root network can often struggle to resist the constant strain. Gradually wearing away and loosening over time, in situations of unusually strong gusts, the tree will simply give way to the force, causing it to lose balance and fall. Fallen trees can cause severe damage to your property, your vehicles and — most importantly — you! Don’t risk you and your family’s safety by leaving dangerous trees unaddressed. Leave it to the professionals. Leave it to us! SCMTS Arbor Works provide 24/7 emergency service in times of high winds and storms to ensure we’re available when we’re needed most.

Tree Trimming, Mowing and Garden Care

With a team of fully qualified, experienced staff and state-of-the-art equipment, we’re able to complete high risk jobs, like those that require the use of crane removal in tight access areas. Need to submit an arborists report to your local council? We can even do that for you. SCMTS Arbor Works provides a comprehensive level of service that is simply unmatched. With public liability and worker’s compensation insurance, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Our business is committed to a safe, clean, responsible level of service that doesn’t take any shortcuts.

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When you choose SCMTS Arbor Works, you’re choosing a company that’s passionate about the environment and all things involved with arboriculture. While we’ll always make sure to complete any job to our client’s high standards, we try to have a positive overall impact on our direct environment. Believing strongly in the principles of sustainability and regenerative felling, we have great respect for the local land.

SCMTS Arbor Works Sydney are:

  • Reliable, professional and courteous at all times
  • Prompt, efficient and attentive to our customer’s individual needs
  • Flexible and able to complete many difficult types of jobs as per Australian Standard AS4373:2007
  • An affordable option that doesn’t sacrifice the quality of work
  • Respectful of your land, property and values
  • Always willing to work with everyone involved to get the job done right!
  • Can submit Arborist Reports and Council Applications on your behalf if requested


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Tree Removal Sydney

At SCMTS Arbor Works we have a full range of equipment to remove any tree big or small and use a variety of methods such as cranes, cherry pickers and lowering the tree down in sections using ropes. Tree removal (or tree lopping) requires a professional team of people including a qualified arborist. A tree requiring removal is carefully planned and usually done in sections from the top down. The final piece to be removed is the tree stump. If you are contemplating removing a tree, always call an expert. Expert tree removal professionals remove trees day in and day out and know all the tools, tips and tricks to remove trees quickly and efficiently. If you thought about removing that ‘little’ tree yourself, please… it’s just not worth it. There are just too many dangers involved such as falling out of a tree and getting seriously injured. We have the experience and knowledge to cater for any removal no matter how difficult.

Thinning & Pruning Sydney

Pruning is the most common maintenance procedure and must be done with an understanding of how trees respond, as improper pruning can increase damage to the tree resulting in further pruning or removal. Pruning needs to be carried out when branches have become dangerous due to storm damage. Branches that overhang houses and obstruct power lines and pathways also need to be pruned before they become hazardous. Thinning of branches can also be carried out to allow more light into the garden. SCMTS Arbor Works can provide you with advice on how this should be done and have the experience and knowledge to provide you with a quality pruning service.

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tree removal machines|tree removal sydney| scmts

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Sophia Kusznirczuk
Got the job done quickly for a reasonable price. Communicated well and cleaned up after themselves.
Jeff Wyatt
I am so happy I called Sydney City Mulch & Tree Service Landworks! They worked me into the schedule when they had an opening, weeks ahead of when I thought my project would be done. They took care of huge piles of large dead trees and underbrush that were left in my yard from the previous owner. It was mulched up and nothing had to be hauled away. I would recommend them to anyone in Sydney that needs clearing, and for any size job. I thank them so much for their prompt and skilled service
Christina D'Albora
Zac was recommended to me and when I contacted him, he didn’t hesitate in donating a load of wood chip for our community garden. He was very efficient and professional. Thank you again Zac for helping make our community greener. Christina
Damian Thornley
Professional operators. Left our property impeccably cleaned after the tree work. Attention to detail and conducting the works exactly as we specified. I would highly recommend Zach and his team. Regards, Damian.
Elijah Charlotte
Couldn’t recommend these guys enough, they came and removed a tree and a few stumps for us. Not only were they professional but both were very nice guys and easy to get on with! They went above and beyond our expectations, can’t believe how tidy they left everything. Definitely the best tree services in Sydney.
Albart Jeyo
The team at Sydney City Mulch & Tree Service was very professional from the initial phone call through installation. Their work was very well done and the price was good. We are very pleased with the end result; picture-perfect. I'd recommend contacting them and will do so for my future needs
Linda Schulmalski
These people are the best! Sandy is such a delight! Fast, helpful, generous, and kind. They were lifesavers when a storm ruined my 5k event trail days before the race. They delivered quality wood chips quickly!
Jose Barnes
We have hired Sydney City Mulch & Tree Service several times for tree and stump removal and they are just great! Fast, reasonably priced, and super careful of my plants!
Sean Roberts
Scott Davis
Zac and the team are fantastic. Marcus was on site manager for my job and he was superb. Quick, tidy, polite and excellent finished product. Highly recommended.